Rami Kadi - Collections - COUTURE - FALL-WINTER 2022-23 - Details


Like an eruption, the colors break through, a myriad of sentiments that ornament the transformative nature of our every day.

Rami Kadi

Loud, colorful, present and eternal, Rami Kadi Maison de Couture’s Fall/Winter 22-23 couture collection is a reflection on the indomitable nature of life. Consisting of 35 couture dresses, Rami Kadi’s collection is defined by the symbolism behind its vibrant colors that tell the story of building new foundations atop chaos and ruin. It is this cycle of rebirth that inspires the collection’s name: Le Réveil. 

Launched live from “Le Réveil de Rami Kadi” which took place on July 13th, 2022, the collection features five colors, Fuschia, Blue, Green, Yellow, and Orange, with five dresses from each. In addition to the colors, the collection flaunts five dresses in white, and five in black – completing the spectrum of dispersion that gives Le Réveil its charm. Equally present, each color and tone tells its own tale within the saga of darkness and new light.

The collection opens with the black and white dresses representing the Yin and Yang, which make up the coherent fabric of nature and mind, exhibited in all existence. They represent the two opposites that cannot exist without each other: order and chaos, life and death, creating at once disorder and balance, anger and beauty, perpetually flowing like two dancers destined to eternal motion, in a constant utterance of “this too shall pass.”  

Then, like an eruption, the colors break through, a myriad of sentiments that ornament the transformative nature of our every day.

Fuchsia, which defines our Inspirational Uniqueness,

Blue, which clutches the heart with Cherished Nostalgia,

Green, which allows the tranquility of Harmonious Growth,

Yellow, which embodies the spirit of Powerful Rebirth,

And Orange, which offers the warmth of Compassionate Bliss.

“Life is a labyrinth of complexity. As much as we find comfort in duality, nothing about life is black-and-white. It’s a never-ending spew of color spectacle. And from this spectacle comes our fights, and they are often many,” says Rami Kadi, “but it is those fights that create the most beautiful canvasses”.

Indeed, in his latest collection, Rami Kadi acknowledges his own vulnerability and reflects on his own experience of chaos and creation, of happiness and sadness – a body not fully immune to wounds, a soul not fully immune to pain.

Testament to the dialogue that shapes the core of Rami Kadi’s Le Réveil collection is the location chosen to shoot the dresses. The Couture House takes its photoshoot to Poland, specifically to the picturesque Palace of Komierowo which neighbors the Forest of Tuchola, Poland’s largest biosphere reserve.

“We chose the Palace as the location for the shoot due to its close proximity physically and symbolically to the Tuchola forest that embodies the spirit of beauty and balance born out of chaos,” explains Rami Kadi.

“It is beautiful and unfathomable how much life can spring from a place that witnessed so much destruction.”


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