Maison Rami Kadi

Maison Rami Kadi began its story in 2011 in the bustling heart of Beirut.

Since its first collection, the Maison never shied away from treading the edges of innovation in glamor. Colors, sparkles, high finish, and definite impact signify Maison Rami Kadi’s masterpieces, which were rooted in the passion of this city before they made the spotlights of the international stage.

It was only natural that, 3 years later in 2014, Maison Rami Kadistarted showcasing its collections in the capital of luxury and glamour, Paris, during the city’s official fashion weeks. Gaining the consistent recognition of the prestigious world-known press organizations, Maison Rami Kadi’s weight in Paris Fashion Week events became more and more evident, resulting in the Maison debuting its Fashion Show during Paris fashion week in January 2019.

Cannes Film Festival, Venice Film Festival, Red Sea film festival, Grammys, Emmys, Golden Globe Awards: In 10 years since its inception, Maison Rami Kadi has become a name for the red-carpet moments of the world’s foremost celebrities. The Maison’s distinctive edge, unapologetic style, and intricate craftsmanship paved its way to international stardom from small beginnings.

Maison Rami Kadi’s devoted belief in fashion technology has recently seen it adopt digital fashion as a new pillar for the brand. As of 2022, Maison Rami Kadi is fully immersing its couture collections in the Metaverse. The Maison launched this journey with its first Spring-Summer 2022 NFT collection, entitled “Lucid Algorithms”, on the Cardano blockchain. The collectionwas created througha joint effort between Rami Kadi’s couture creativity and the Algorithm’s computation of it, in what designates the first-ever human-machine couture collaboration of this scale in the fashion world.

Before that, the Maison had introducedthe Middle East’sfirst environmentally conscious fashion cyber-show in 2020. The show was an expression of endorsement of technological advances and the idea of universal connectivity that they enable.

The Maison’s technologically playful spirit goes beyond taking its designs to the digital world. The brand pioneereda transformative method to produce sequins from plastic, bringing to the world the first-ever haute couture dress made completely from recycled sea plastic. Flirting with the integration of light in its designs, the Maison was the first to produce couture dresses that feature glow-in-the-dark embroidery.

Rami Kadi Maison began as a rebel, a spirit of a free woman embroidered into the fabric of its dresses. As the Maison grew, so did its loyalty to challenge, risk, and yearning for new horizons. Its identity is bonded with a commitment to creating what is remarkable.

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