• 21 September 2023
  • UV Gown

Maison Rami kadi's UV-Activated Couture Set Reveals Alice Abdelaziz's Baby Gender

Maison Rami Kadi, renowned for its avant-garde approach in nouvelle couture, has once again marked a significant milestone by unveiling a technologically innovative UV-reactive dress for the gender reveal of the public figure Alice Abdel Aziz.

This dress introduces a revolutionary use of UV-sensitive threads meticulously woven into the embroidered fabric. When exposed to sunlight or UV light, these threads undergo a spellbinding transformation, transitioning from a neutral white shade to a captivating pink hue, instantly and dramatically revealing the baby's gender to be a girl.

This gown reaffirms the designer’s longstanding tradition of pushing the boundaries of fashion through technology, as the brand pioneered a transformative method to produce sequins from plastic, bringing to the world the first-ever couture dress made completely from recycled sea plastic. The Maison has also flirted with the integration of lighting its designs, as it was the first to produce couture dresses that feature glow-in-the-dark embroidery.

What sets this creation apart is Rami Kadi Maison de Couture's relentless commitment to incorporating cutting-edge technologies into its designs, pioneering a new era in fashion. This innovation showcases the brand's unparalleled ability to harmonise artistry and technology, offering a fashion experience that is truly one-of-a-kind. Along the same vein, the Maison has also introduced the Middle East’s first environmentally conscious fashion cyber show in 2020, speaking to the brand’s sustainable fashion ethic.

Alice Abdel Aziz's gender reveal event was elevated to a realm of enchantment, turning a special moment into a mesmerizing spectacle of unforgettable memories.

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