• 30 November 2023
  • Red Carpet


In an evening that seamlessly wove together the threads of couture and the raw beauty of AlUla, Maison Rami Kadi presented its Spring/Summer 2024 collection, “Les Miroirs,” in a fashion show held in the heart of this enigmatic wonder, AlUla. This event marked a groundbreaking moment as Rami Kadi became the first Arab designer to partner with the Royal Commission for AlUla and AlUla Moments.

The show captivated audience, including stars, Lebanese singer Najwa Karam, and Tunisian actress, Dorra Zarrouk, both of which were attending in Rami Kadi custom-made couture gowns, with a lineup of 40 exquisite gowns, including 10 pieces exclusively designed for the occasion. Among the audience, Saudi actresses Mila Alzahrani and Futun Aljarallah, in addition to Nojoud Alrumaihi and Lama Alakeel, dressed in Rami Kadi gowns.

With designs inspired by the natural landscapes, architectural marvels, and the region's rich heritage, the collection showcased innovative use of materials such as holographic elements, recycled plastics, and shattered glass. Rami Kadi’s designs reflected the essence of AlUla, with a color palette drawn from the desert’s serene beauty and the architectural wonder of Maraya, the world’s largest mirrored building located within the area’s Ashar Valley. The evening's highlight included a bridal gown ensemble inspired by the natural flora of the region, symbolizing the interconnectedness of life and the sense of freedom found in AlUla’s vast landscapes. This bridal collection, which showcases three gowns, captures the floral diversity of the area, inviting a dialogue with nature’s unparalleled beauty.

The collection also unveiled a stunning array of accessories, crafted with silver and gold to mirror the resilience and beauty of AlUla’s desert flora. These accessories were done in a unique collaboration with Madrasat Addeera, AlUla’s creative arts centre teaching local woman handicrafts to promote self-sufficiency and regional traditions. Madrasat Addeera is today a cornerstone of AlUla's bustling AlJadidah Arts District, offering workshops that span all types of traditional arts, such as jewelry, embroidery and ceramics, including those historically found in this area.

Reflecting on the show, Rami Kadi remarked, “Presenting ‘Les Miroirs’ in AlUla has been a profound journey, blending the narratives of ancient civilizations with the ethos of modern design.”

Under the guidance of Charlotte Tilbury Arabia, the couture show was impeccably curated, adorning both models and attendees with exquisite glamour. Amidst the showcase, the esteemed brand showcased its allure with a dedicated booth at Maraya Social in AlUla, further enriching the event's ambiance

The event also served as a platform to reaffirm Maison Rami Kadi’s commitment to sustainability and conservation efforts, with a portion of the collection’s sales proceeds dedicated to the preservation of the Arabian Leopard, native to the region

This remarkable event not only showcased Maison Rami Kadi’s latest collection but also underscored the transformative power of AlUla as a muse for artists, designers, and creators, reinforcing the region’s growing reputation as a global destination for arts, culture, and nature enthusiasts. The profound impact of AlUla's natural beauty on "Les Miroirs" collection extends into the depth and diversity of its landscapes.

The show and its highlights are available for viewing on Maison Rami Kadi and AlUla Moments' official Instagram pages, bringing the magical evening to audiences worldwide. For additional information on the “Les Miroirs” collection and to experience the enchantment of Maison Rami Kadi's latest designs, you can visit Maison Rami Kadi’s website at

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